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Don’t know what to do with your last used phone? Just sell it. Gazelle offers outstanding at hand price for your used gadgets. With the concept of reselling and buying, Gazelle introduces the new idea of ‘reCommerce.’ It is the idea to sell and buy the used device and lower the rate of e-Waste, which has been a significant problem to the earth. It is far better to Reuse and Recycles than increasing the load of wastes.

The Gazelle

Founded in the year 2007, Gazelle advanced with the idea of reCommerce, which provided them with the most popular online platform. It is their idea to establish the concept of buying and selling of already used devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. The company’s best policy is that they provide you with individual good deals in exchange for your used devices. They boast on their real fast services which delight the customers with real cash. And that’s the most worthy part of trading with Gazelle, sell your used devices and get paid for that what you don’t need anymore!

How does Gazelle work?

Gazelle introduces the most customer-friendly site, where you can quickly get access to the selling and buying services. All you need to do is choose the right options as per your requirements.

  • For selling: If you wish to sell your used device, you have to opt for the option of which method you want to sell, then choose the brand and the carrier of the phone, select the condition of the phone and at last select how you want to be paid. You get three options for payment, which are, through a check, PayPal or gift card. After the payment option is resolved, you get to put specific information in the form. The company will get your address, and the team of Gazelle will send you a free shipping of the box for the qualified orders and a PS number, which you need to send the company back, along with the device you want to sell, within 30 days. Once the company receives the gadget, it will be checked, and you will very soon receive your award.
  • For buying: If you are likely to buy one of the used phones from the site, choose the buying option, select the device you want to buy, choose the colour and condition of the gadget and go for the payment option. You will be given a simple form opting some of your necessary information, so the company gets the opportunity to deliver to your address. Pay or the product and you will receive a tracking detail of your purchase, and it is done. That simple.

What does Gazelle do with all the devices sold to them?

With an idea to decrease e-waste, Gazelle introduces their site where you get the chance to sell your used devices. Most of the methods sold to the company are in excellent condition, which is sold in the site and other e-commerce sites. Some others are sold to the wholesaler partners, who sell it again. And the rest of the gadgets, which are at the end of the life, are sent to domestic recycling partners, abide by the highest standard. In a word, the company tries to put the product for Reuse at the first option, if not possible, it goes for Recycle.

Why will you choose Gazelle?

To maintain the hard-earned trust and reliability of the consumers and the sellers, Gazelle puts a lot of effort in providing the best service. Just relax when you are trading with the company, as they take a lot of care of all the products they sell. Some of the many reasons for you to make a deal with Gazelle will be:

For the buyers:

  • Guaranteed quality: You will find the best-conditioned devices which will be great for the money you will spend.
  • 30 days return policy: Get your money back by replacing the product within 30 days of purchase, if you have not liked it. And stay assured of your money again without any complication.
  • Compatible with every Carrier: All the phones and the tablets sold by the company is compatible with any carrier service. So you can keep your old Carrier or go for a new one.
  • No contractual bindings: You are not bound to any contract while you buy from the site. Select your device, pay for it and get the product delivered. That’s all.
  • Excellent price: Buy any of the devices sold in the site at an affordable price, with 40% less cost, offered in comparison to the rates of the new ones.

The Gazelle review

For sellers:

  • Hassle-free payment: Gazelle introduces a comfortable payment facility while you are selling your device to the company. All the payments are made instantly through PayPal, Amazon gift card, or check.
  • Honesty: The company is honest about the payment. If they find your product in better condition than you expected, the company will increase your reward. You can also return the product if the company lowers the offer after testing the state of your device.
  • Safety and security: The professionals in the company secures your device first by erasing all the personal information. So you need not worry.

Is there any drawback in Gazelle?

  • There is no option for the international customers. They only serve the US.
  • There is no live chat option.
  • You need to go through the terms and conditions before making business with them.
  • You need to have an online option to opt for the services.

Final Verdict:

Why buy a new smartphone, when you can have a used one at a much lower price and in the best condition? Don’t let the opportunity slip. Visit the official page of Gazelle and grab the jaw-dropping offers today. Hurry up!

The Gazelle reviews

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