Pocket Jumper Review

Product Name: Pocket Jumper

Product Author: Survival Frog

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In these days, every one of us should always be prepared for the natural disasters. Imagine being stranded alone on a lonely highway with a dead battery! If your car battery gets drained and you’re struggling to move on, then I highly urge you to prefer a portable jump starter called Pocket Jumper! Survival Frog Pocket Jumper is the world’s smallest car jump starter and is the free power you can take everywhere. This pocket jumper assists you with reliable backup power every time. It consists of a big bulky jumper cable, and you can also charge your dead cell phone. This portable device offers its users an incredibly powerful charger in a small size.

What is Pocket Jumper?

Pocket Jumper is the world’s smallest and most handy automotive jump starter. This pocket jump starter includes the most miniature jumper cables and also offers you adaptors. This jumper is smooth, and it perfectly suits you’re the car, camping gear and your home for handling emergency situations. This reliable device is the best jump starter that offers complete safety in handling prepping cases without any worries. As an added benefit, you can also charge your smartphone or any USB device. This small method comprises of a lot of power, and it acts as portable car starters that will be helpful in emergency situations.

Product Specifications:

  • Size of 5 x 3 x1 inches.
  • Pocket Jumper weighs only eight ounces.
  • Output of 5V; 12V jump start
  • Input: 15V (1A)
  • The charge remains stable for six months without use.
  • High- Power LED Flashlight has three functions, i.e., Flashlight, Strobe and Coastguard
  • Working temperatures of 0° F to 140° F.
  • Battery Power of 8,000mh
  • 200 Amp jump start port

How Does the Pocket Jumper Work?

  • Pocket Jumper works amazingly and can charge your smartphone or any USB device.
  • This portable device helps in jump-starting your car for up to 20 times.
  • It is a world’s smallest car jump starter that comfortably fits your pocket, and you can carry it anywhere without thinking about the space.
  • This device is built with LED flashlight features which is beneficial in the darkness.
  • Also, this device is comprised of detachable jumper cables and clamps that act as a power bank. It is a long-term survival kit that can be used for everyday emergencies and you can always be safe in any situation.
  • Pocket Jumper comes with two carry bags and three unique charging options. This jump starter can charge your battery for over 20 times.


  • Free Paracord Survival Kit


  • Pocket Jumper is small enough to fit on your palms.
  • It is highly portable.
  • This little device is easy to use and has no complicated instructions to follow.
  • You can power up anywhere.
  • No more worrying about dead batteries and cell phones.


  • Pocket Charger will not charge large RV or Diesel vehicles.
  • There is no offline availability.

Final Verdict:

In Verdict, I would highly recommend Pocket Jumper! I hope this review was beneficial to help you make the right decision! This impressive device is very compact, and you will never feel that you’re carrying a big cable wherever you go. I’m so confident that you will feel like Pocket Jumper is the cool product! This little jump starter offers you a high quality service. Survival Frog Pocket Jumper is worth your money! As an added benefit, Pocket Jumper comes with a 100%, money back guarantee. No questions asked. If you’re not thrilled with the results, you can ask for a refund. Get your Pocket Jumper today. Jump-start your vehicle without any struggle!


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